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How do we define STEM?

STEM Definition

STEM is originally defined as an educational program to promote the primary and secondary students for college and graduate study in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). However, we, the members of STEMES define STEM as the life-time continuous education efforts to advocate and advance STEM moments throughout. We believe STEM-subject-oriented learning help people (mainly students) (1) developing professional skills, (2) enhancing STEM knowledge and practical experiences, (3) fostering creative minds, (4) strengthening logical reasoning and philosophical thinking, and (5) consolidating collaboration skills and abilities.
We, as STEM educators and advocators, help students and people rising up in the following STEM educational standards defined by

  • Learn and apply STEM contents in today’s scientific technology and engineering fields
  • Integrate STEM-related contents into systems
  • Interpret and communicate contents for information extractions, developments, and innovations
  • Engage in inquiry, manage content-oriented data and information
  • Engage in logical reasoning for knowledge discovery and intelligent novelists.
  • Collaborate as a team and practice management skills
  • Apply technology appropriately to develop problem-solving skills and practice creative thinking talent